Welcome to Minu Marketing

Minu Marketing has established it self as an Marketing Agency. Working in the field of Marketing and Brand Development from 1987.Minu Marketing is Providing the services like Sales Networking, Market Planning and development, Advertisement Consultancy, Product Launching, Sales Expansion, Brand Development, Market Survey and whole and sole Marketing Solutions.


Minu Marketing is working in the fields of Marketing Brand Development, Sales Networking, Supply Chain Management, Advertisement Consultancy, Product Launching, Sales Expansion, Market Survey, etc. Since incorporation, MMPL is dedicated towards creating a market relationship and a strong network. With unique mailing facility to create a personal relation with consumers and retailers and network in around 350 rural and urban areas, MMPL’s annual business value is over Rs 100 Cr.


The organization is not only into making the product available in the market but to develop a relation between the Brand and the Consumers. Its strong infrastructure with vast dealer’s network and highly qualified & motivated personnel ensures best brand value coupled with excellent and prompt services to the selling network creates superb product availability and enhances the Brand Values in a very small period of time. Above all over the 25 years, it has made a name for itself with enduring relationship with companies and consumers.


With a Distribution Network in more than 135 cities and 250 rural areas across Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh & Delhi, our network is growing every day. MMPL also has its owned 8 service stock points with state of art infrastructure in these areas to facilitate proper networking in small markets and deep distribution. We are committed towards providing a complete marketing setup. We have a direct relationship with more than 50 thousand retailers.